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Again, it takes place in Victorian England, so of course I was all over that. Rustication (which also sounds a bit dirty, but isn’t) is creepy, atmospheric, mysterious, strange and engrossing. It would actually be a great read as those dark, cold winter nights close in and you huddle under a blanket in a chair by a fire. Feel free to leave comments that agree or disagree with the above and let us know what some of your summer reads were. Download Full Cracked x86 x64 Spine – 2D Professional 3.

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Но она очень старая, больше года назад ставил её. Обновленная версия много нововведений имеет.

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I am going to put exactly the same amount of effort into this post about Denis Lehane’s latest novel as he appears to have put into writing it. I haven’t read a Lehane novel in a long time, but judging by the trite, lazy mess that is, it seems he at some point gave up trying to put together anything of substance or originality. It’s like a bad first draft. I put more effort into writing this than Lehane. Another year, another failed Goodreads challenge.

It’s become an annual tradition, but hopefully I’ll creep closer to succeeding in 2017, now that I’m not juggling a full-time job with part-time schooling. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves so early in the year. I still managed to finish 25 books in 2016 (not counting textbooks) – below, are some of the highlights. I often see articles with people talking about the books that “changed my life. Up until 2016, I’ve never been able to name my own world-rocking book. There have been books that have changed my way of thinking, ignited my curiosity, taught me empathy for others, but life changing?

But this summer I read, the founder and Executive Director of the in Montgomery, AL. And when I was done, I felt like Oprah when she found out she could eat bread every day on Weight Watchers. And if that’s not a life-changing feeling, I don’t know what is. Stevenson’s stories of defending people of color wrongly condemned to death row in the South are compelling. The book is moving, infuriating, full of feelings of both hope and helplessness and a frighteningly sharp illustration of the systemic racism and corruption within the nation’s so-called justice system.

(with Bryan Stevenson, about the need for America to confront – and openly discuss – its racist history. Also an excellent read, but one of a much different type, was.

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The hosts of the excellent Bowery Boys podcast, Greg Young and Tom Meyers, take their readers through the history of New York City and it’s citizens via the architecture of the Big Apple’s streets. They also take great care to emphasize the integral contribution of immigrants that made the city what it is today. Kate Summerscale’s tells the story of Robert Coombes who, in 1895, was convicted for the murder of his mother at the age of 13 and sent to Broadmoor, the Victorian lunatic asylum. The story of Robert, the murder, and his trial, is fascinating, but the second half of the book tells a story that is even more amazing.

Finally, is a simple book that packs a complex punch to the gut. Comprised only of newspaper articles published between the 1880s and 1960s covering lynchings in the United States, its power is in both the appalling details the articles provide and in the collection as a whole. It’s also interesting to see how newspapers in different parts of the U.

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Reported on such savage crimes. Sometimes you stumble upon an old, unknown book through circumstances totally unrelated to its subject. I discovered, while perusing missing persons cases (Zierold having written a book about the 1874 disappearance of little, the victim of the first kidnap-for-ransom in America). Subtitled “The Bizarre True Case of ‘The Bathtub Tragedy'” there was no way I could pass it up. A week later, my copy arrived in the form of a long-retired library book, crinkly plastic cover still intact.

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Published in 1968, the book tells the story of the three Wardlaw sisters – spinster Virginia, meek Mary Snead and the domineering oldest, Caroline Martin – their strange existence and the suspicious death in 1909 of Martin’s daughter Ocey. There’s no shortage of insanity in either the Wardlaw family or this story.

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The sisters were born into a well-to-do Southern family in the mid-1800s, and spent much of their adult lives operating private schools for the children of their society peers. But by the time of Ocey Snead’s murder (she was married to her first cousin, Mary Snead’s son Fletcher) they had been living in various hotels, boarding houses and apartments in New York City and New Jersey, coming and going only late at night and wearing black dresses and veils, as if in permanent mourning.

Ocey’s death occurred in a house practically bare of furniture in East Orange, New Jersey. The sisters were adamant her death was a suicide, but police were suspicious and eventually arrested all three for her murder.

Eventually a muddy backstory emerges involving the sisters’ financial troubles, numerous insurance policies on Ocey and a volume of suicide notes that may or may not have been written by her. The possible mistreatment of other family members by the sisters also emerges and it quickly becomes clear that these aren’t the kind of relatives you’d ask to look after your cat while you were on vacation. The sheer oddity of the sisters, the tragedy of the woman’s death possibly at the hands of her own mother, and the way the police put together the pieces of this bizarre puzzle can’t help but make for a good story.

But there is a major frustration. Zierold never quite gets behind the sisters’ heavy black veils to find out what made Mrs.

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Martin – who emerges as the clear leader of the three – so mentally unbalanced and so successful in compelling her two younger sisters to go along with her murderous plot. The book is drawn from court records and newspapers accounts, none of which provide Zierold with any real first-person accounts of the sisters and their journey from Southern money to Northern murder. The lack of this type of primary source leaves the story’s participants feeling one dimensional and impossible to understand.

At the time the book was published, it’s possible there were still relatives alive that had known the sisters, or at least heard the family stories about them, and I wish Zierold had sought them out. That said, I wouldn’t pass this book up for that reason. It’s still a story unlike any I’ve read and the sisters – with their mysterious secrets and late night wanderings, draped in black – lend it a Gothic eeriness that quickly draws a reader in, even if it leaves her wanting more at the end.

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I fell short of many goals in 2015: I’m not thinner, fitter, a markedly better person, or a millionaire. I didn’t read the 50 books I’d promised Goodreads and I haven’t blogged more – on this site or any of my other neglected little web portals. But it’s 2016 now, and there’s no point starting a new year by dwelling on old year failures, particularly when I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to accomplish any of them anyway. I did manage 29 books, some of them for school, but most for pleasure. While I didn’t make my Goodreads quantity goal, had they had a quality goal, I’m confident I would have exceeded it.

So, in a tribute to good taste over free time, here are some highlights. It was a year of new releases by several of my favorite authors. Erik Larson, Matthew Pearl, Sarah Vowell and Jon Ronson all put out new books. While, and (respectively) were all solid books, none was its author’s best work. Larson’s Dead Wake illustrated the final days and destruction of the Lusitania in great detail, but suffered from the lack of a central character to support the historical narrative and give the reader someone relate-able.

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Pearl’s novel was a solid yarn about an attempt to steal the final work of Robert Louis Stevenson. Vowell’s history of Lafayette’s (and France’s) role in helping the United States escape the rule of Great Britain had less of her usual humor, but was enlightening to those of us who didn’t pay attention in history class that week. Ronson’s was the best of the four, profiling people who gain notoriety through the moral outrage and shaming of the world’s self-righteous internet community. It was a funny and fascinating look at how we’re all one stupid comment away from losing our job and becoming a late night show punchline.

I only wish he’d delved deeper into the fact that the women in his book seemed to have suffered worse, longer-term consequences than the men, even though their misjudgements weren’t any more egregious. In addition to these old favorites, some new (to me) authors made my reading list.