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I have tried everything i could find and think of but nothing seems to work. I have no issues with other games like. Does that work with the steam verison? Exe" и сразу жмём кнопку "Enable", дабы активировать патч.

Dat and can be patched in the data folder. Added map edge clipping option to hide the unused area beyond the map borders. Map edges are now the same no matter the resolution. Multiple edge sets can now be set up on a single map level. Map angled borders have been removed. All 10 000 tile and 40 000 hex positions can be utilised. Numerous other small fixes. Fixed a bug causing a crash if the resolution list was empty in the Screen Settings Window. Added an option "NumPathNodes" to the "f2_res. Ini" to increase the the path finding range. Fixed a minor bug causing some res specific map-edge data to be skipped in favour of the default values.

Changed "Colour's" to "Colours" on the Screen settings window. Fixed the default scroll distance from the PC to equal the original distance when using 640x480. Added new map-edge data for the Restoration Project v2. Created by Pixote, tweaked by me for resolutions from 640x480-1920x1200. Added new map edge data for the Megamod v2.

Fixed a bug which caused the screen to go blank after one of Hakunin's dream movies played. Added some extra text to memory error messages and the "f2_res_error.

Files for Fallout 2

Log" so that it's clear that they come from the Hi-Res patch. Added an option "SAFER_DISPLAY_LIST" to the "f2_res. To help with crashes on some systems when using the Screen Settings Window. Improved the code for restarting fallout via the button in the Screen Settings window.

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Re-worked the code and ini files relating to hi-res map scroll boarders(edges). Added a control in the Sfall section of the Screen Settings window for the new 'GPUBlt'setting (Sfall v1. Screen resolution settings are now accessed via a button on the 'Option/Game-Pref Screen' when accessed via the Main-menu. When subtitles are enabled, a space will automatically be created for them at the bottom of the movie screen. Added alternate art for the Iface Side-bars 'Metal looking' created by Simon Rawlins(Pixote).

Iface Side-bar art can be switched in the Screen Settings Window. Map-eges files can now be tweaked for best results for particular resolutions. MAP_EDGE_NAME setting now equals the name of the folder where map-edge files are stored. Fixed a bug with the "obj_on_screen" script function which was using 640x480 as the screen size. Ini" to hide the Map and Iface-bar while viewing the Dialog Screen. Allowed for the "Screen Set" button to be placed at any position within the Main-menu task list. Added Support for the Russian "Lev Corp" version of Fallout 2. Screen resolution can now be set in-game via a new button "Screen Set" on the Main-menu.

Added some side art to fill the blank areas either side of the IFace-Bar.

Files for Fallout 2

Changed the format of the map edges ini files (edges are now set by hex tile numbers). Added settings to set the position of the new 'Screen Set' button on the Main-menu. Added a new section for the IFace-Bar for adjusting the way the new side art is drawn. Removed AUTO_SCRN_SIZE setting as the resolution can now be set in-game. Removed the [VARIABLES] section. Added a new file "panels. Ini" to the "f2_res" folder where the various window positions are set.

Removed all the "RES_*. Ini" files from the "f2_res" folder and coded everything contained into the "f2_res.

A Mod for Fallout 2

Re-worked alot of the code in the patch as it was getting to chaotic for me to keep track of. Made alot of minor changes too numerous to mention that probably won't be noticed anyway. Fixed the Main-menu text for the Chinese Fallout2. Full Screen Splash, Help, Death and Ending Slides. Main-menu Background is also scaled to screen and uses a custom frm found in the "f2_res/intrface" folder. Blackened the background when using the World-Map. Fixed Pipboy HoloDisk Back and Done buttons.

Hacked an error message which displays when an unsupported res is used.

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It now lists the chosen res rather than 640x480. Reverted back to original map-limit boundaries as my replacement was causing some problems. Fixed the mouse clickable area location for the Custom button in the Combat Dialogue window.

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Fix for black rectangle over Hakunin Movies bug. Fixed and re-enabled auto scrolling. Home-Key now works again. Fixed the 'Saved Game Image' when using Quick Save. New setting in the f2_res.

This setting can be used to raise the viewable map area to the top of the Interface-Bar if desired. Added a couple of settings for movie subtitles in the f2_res.

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Changed the layout of the f2_res. Ini to make it easier to use.

Files for Fallout 2

Corrected the spelling of SCR_HIGHT to SCR_HEIGHT for no particular reason. Fixed a bug where the map edges data wasn't loading because the internal names of some maps were in lower case. Set background colour to black for the Help Screen and Ending Slides. World-Map background now retains the image of the map you left from. Fixed - NPC should now appear in the dialog view window unless they are off the screen.

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Player start position when entering from the worldmap. Map loading has been overhauled again and is now working well. Original Map blockers have been disabled and replaced my own functions. Res files have been renamed and are now RES*. Ini files as the extention was causing confusion. Ini and map_edges_MM. Ini which contain data for new map borders. New settings added: IGNORE_PLAYER_SCROLL_LIMITS, IGNORE_MAP_EDGES and MAP_EDGES_NAME. Settings removed: MAP_LOAD_DIST and IGNORE_MAP_BLOCKERS as they are no longer needed.

Variables removed: MAP_LIMITS_YA, MAP_LIMITS_XA, MAP_LIMITS_YB & MAP_LIMITS_XB. Memory Mismatch errors are now sent to a log file "f2_res_error. Log"(This was present in v1. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to use an unsupported version of fallout2. Config file changes (f2_res. Added "CD_CHECK"- turns CD-ROM detection ON/OFF, for UK, French & German versions. Added "IGNORE_SCROLL_LIMITS"- for turning ON/OFF scroll limit from player.

Added "MAIN_MENU_W" & "MAIN_MENU_H" Experimental -Can be used with a custom sized MAINMENU.

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Added offsets for CD-ROM Check(UK. Added offsets for Mainmenu when using a custom sized MAINMENU. High resolution patch comments. Add file report 2 resolution patch v1. The steam version of 2 has this pre.

Fallout 2 High Resolution Patch

The fallout2 high resolution patch by mash is a major leap from the now. The high resolution texture pack is the. Seen it before with the high resolution. Downloads: fallout1 high resolution patch 2. Fallout1 high resolution patch 2. First, download thescreen resolution can now be set in game via a. Customer service sales shipping returnsalthough i haven high resolution patch or restoration project patch. How to get the 1 and 2 high resolution patch working for. Discussing high resolution patch on 2 pc message board and forum page 1. Thanks to the included high resolution patch and.