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More Requiem Patches is a collection of some Requiem patches made by various authors. I lost the argument — the part of me that was on-the-beam lost it — and I went back. The patches provided by thetrader are ports from the Requiem Patch Central that he doesn't want to.

Immersive Patrols: Fixed the mess that I caused in 1.

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Factions Crossbow: Several tweaks. Check the readme for more information. Heavy Armory: I have accidentally included a wrong file in 1. Faction Crossbows: Reintroduces the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Imperial and Stormcloak books. You must read them before you can craft these crossbows and bolts. And nerfs saddle bags so that their armor rating no longer exceeds the absolute armor cap. Immersive Patrols: Major rework of the patch.

Timing is Everything: Updated to NRM Dragonborn.

What awaits you behind the veil

Added Craftable Horse Barding patch. Added Heavy Armory patch.

Added Immersive Sounds Compendium patch. Height Adjusted Races: Fixes wrong starting health in the True Giants and Mammoths only version. Timing is Everything: Hearthfire now starts at level 20 as intended. This time for real! Skyrim Unlocked: Adds a Requiem - Skyrim Unlocked - Open Cities Skyrim patch. Immersive Weapons: Fixes two buggy tempering recipes. Cutting Room Floor: Updated to 2.

Requiem patch central

And several minor tweaks. Immersive Weapons: Adds missing BiPolar Blade to the world. And several minor tweaks. Live Another Life: Updated to 3. Timing is Everything: Hearthfire now starts at level 20 as intended.

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Minor tweaks to the AOS, Immersive Horses and Improved Closefaced Helmets patch. Added 83Willows 101BugsHD patch. Added temporary Even Better Quest Objectives patch. Included Readmes in the fomod installer. Scoped Bows: Several tweaks. Added Timing is Everything patch. Removed redundant Elemental Bolts patch. Immersive Armors: Restored a fix from 1. RotE + SIC: Merges changes from RotE and SIC to the Red Eagle. Added Alternate Start - Live Another Life patch. Internal changes to several patches to make merging them easier.

Adds bash tags to some patches. RS Children: Fixed an error reported by TES5Edit. Immersive Armors: Improved default MCM settings. Added ESF Companions patch. Added Skyrim Unlocked patch. Removed redundant USKP + UDGP patch. Removed the ETaC patch because my changes will be included in the Requiem patch from the ETaC page. Hearthfire: Removes edits to PlayerSleepQuest. Immersive Armors: Updated to 8 and tweaked a few things. Immersive Armors: Fixes the infamous double armor bug when using Axonis' CWO patch. Added Expanded Towns and Cities patch.

Immersive Armors: Reqtifies the distribution of the armors by editing the scripts from IA. Immersive Weapons: Fixes inconsistent Double Axes. Immersive Creatures: No longer edits the silver perk. Added Inconsequential NPCs patch.

skyrim Requiem Compatibility …

Cutting Room Floor: Updated to KFR 2. Elemental Bolts: Updated to KFR 2. Improved Closefaced Helmets: Updated to KFR 2. Unique Uniques: Updated to KFR 2.

Scoped Bows: Updated to KFR 2. And distributed scoped bows to bandits.

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Added RS Children Overhaul patch. USKP + UDGP: Updated to USKP/UDGP 2. Trade and Barter: Updated to Requiem 1. RoTE: Fixes Morokei's health offset. Added RUSTIC SOULGEMS patch. USKP + UDGP: Updated to Requiem 1. Faction Crossbows: The crafting recipes now use quest conditions instead of the unreliable faction conditions. USKP + UDGP: Corrected per Axonis' suggestions. Removed redundant Bring out your Dead patch. Immersive Patrols: Thalmor/Stormcloak Aggression fixed. Deadly Dragons: Fixes some stuff and added AOS compatible file.

Fire and Ice Overhaul: Fixes some stuff and added AOS compatible file. Immersive Horses: Now by default fully compatible with AOS.

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Explosive Bolts Visualized: Now uses stats from KFR. Added RotE - SIC patch.

Requiem - Patch Central

Added Faction Crossbows patch. Added Elemental Bolts file. Cutting Room Floor: Updated to 1. And some minor tweaks.

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Updated readmes with more information. The readmes are no longer included in the main file. It was getting too confusing for me. USKP + UDGP: Updated to Requiem 1. Scoped Bows: Updated to Requiem 1. Cutting Room Floor: Updated to Requiem 1. Immersive Creatures: Updated to Requiem 1. Height Adjusted Races with True Giants: Updated to Requiem 1. Removed the dawnguard only version of Skytest. USKP + UDGP: Fixed bug with Devastating Cleave and synchronized with Axonis's Unofficial Patches Restored.

Check the readme for more information. Improved Housecarls: Carries over changes from my Hearthfire patch. Immersive Weapons: Minor changes. Check the readme for more information. Immersive Armors: Reworks patch. Check the readme for more information. Black Mage Armor: Further improvements. Check the readme for more information. Immersive Weapons: Reworked patch. Check the readme for a more detailed changelog. Improved Closefaced Helmets: Aligns stats with UnimeiX's "Kryptopyr's Fixes Reqtified". Visit the readme for a better explanation.

All patches are now compatible with a bashed patch. I still recommend not to use one. Scoped Bows: Optional file for Immersive Weapons added. Scoped Bows: Finished patch. Read the readme for the full changelog. Unoffical Patches + WAF + CFF: Fixes errors reported by TES5EDIT. USKP + UDGP: Temporarily removed because the Reqtificator can't patch it correctly. Added Fire and Ice Ocerhaul patch. Here you can find a bunch of compatibility patches for Requiem 2.

Are still available for download under 'Old Files'. What has been patched? Disable/Delete the original esp. What has actually been patched?