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May 2014 - 4 min - Uploaded by Wall to Wall RecordingIn this video we cover the basics of using a patch bay in a recording situation and a mixing. GitHub is where people build software.

The patchbay does not disconnect audio or midi connections.

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If you disconnect one, or all, sockets in the patchbay, all the audio and midi connections will still be there. The audio/midi connections will still automagically reappear if you disconnect them until you save the (now disconnected) patchbay and subsequently disconnect the audio/midi connection in the connection window.

The following verbosity intends to be one's formal sidenote regarding the distinction between QjackCtl Connections and Patchbay widgets, while quite similar in their aspect, aren't at all fitting the same purpose nor functionality. All audio and MIDI connections and routing are controlled under the QjackCtl Connections window. These are flexible but imperative connections that can be made between all the Audio/MIDI software application programs (clients) that run in the system, establishing an actual signal path from source to destination ports.

In the Connections window you will see all Audio/MIDI signal sources on the left pane (Readable Clients/Output Ports) and all possible Audio/MIDI signal destinations in the right pane (Writable Clients/Input Ports). Actual connections are established between source (Output Ports) and destination (Input Ports) by selecting one item in either side and pressing the [Connect] button at the bottom-left of the Connections window. It is also possible to establish a connection by dragging an item and dropping it over the other side (Note: it doesn't matter from either side you start dragging).

To disconnect a currently established connection you proceed in a similar manner: select each item in either side and press the [Disconnect] button. Actual and established connections are shown as color directed lines in the middle pane of the Connections window. Each color indicates a single and distinct source module (client) that is currently connected. It is possible to route every audio and MIDI from and to where you see fit, provided that JACK and ALSA sequencer services and client applications are up and running. All connections made in the Connections interface are kept as long you don't power-cycle the JACK server (jackd).

That is, all connections will be lost when the JACK server or any of the client application programs are closed or terminated. Those connections just don't get setup whenever the server and any of its client applications get started later again. To maintain a custom and persistent connection configuration layout, you'll have to edit and activate a patchbay definition profile. Patchbay definition profiles are connection models that are edited and created in the Patchbay window, which is accessed via the [Patchbay] button on the main QjackCtl panel.

The Patchbay window is very similar to the Connections one. However, it is here where you prepare and set your intentional and persistent connections, not the actual connections. When activated, this patchbay definition profile will keep all declared connections automatically, as long as QjackCtl is kept alive. Following the Patchbay model, you declare connections between sockets (clients).

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When two sockets are said connected, it is implied that each one of its plugs (ports) are declared about to be connected in turn, one by one, in a one-to-one basis. Take special note on the plug/port order in the socket plug list, as each plug of each other socket is about to be connected in the precise order those are listed on either end. The Patchbay handles both Audio and MIDI connections. However you can only instruct to connect between sockets of the same type. Each actual Audio/MIDI client program is mapped into one or more items in a patchbay definition, here called sockets. Thus far, a socket is just one representation to a specific subset of all the ports (plugs) of a given client.

For example, you can have a stereo socket on to which only two of the ports from a given client are listed. When you refer to this socket you are actually referring only to those ports. Take special care that you'll have to agree to yourself to always list the ports in the very same and logical order, e. Left always followed by Right channel, which is the most common. You can set a socket as being in Exclusive mode, meaning that the patchbay routine will enforce that no connections are to be held at any one time, other than the ones explicitly declared by the active patchbay definition.

As an additional feature, you can also set one socket to Forward and therefore replicate all its connections to yet another one. This option feature may be found useful, for instance, when you wish to replicate all connections made onto the main audio outputs to some aux or cue (eg. Hope it helps a little bit. Surface, and I still need to manually connect other things. The patchbay definitions load fine, and I get no error messages. And what "connections saver" are you using?

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As the article implies, the snapshot feature you opt when creating a new patchbay definition profile is not quite an accurate connections saver as you might expect. It's just a convenience helper in populating an initial patchbay definition from scratch with something that might resemble your current JACK/ALSA graph.

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As said, it's just a starting point, not an end in itself. You'll most certainly need to rearrange the resulting snapshot model quite for sure, to fit your actual client/port graph. OTOH, one thing I've forgot to mention, there's no support for JACK-MIDI yet on the QjackCtl Patchbay, although that's already a reality in the Connections widget.

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Not anymore, as just committed to CVS HEAD (qjackctl 0. Nomenclature as found on the Connections widget tabs. The snapshot feature you opt when creating a new patchbay definition profile is not quite an accurate connections saver as you might expect.

QjackCtl and the Patchbay

Aha, the world is round and ever changing: as of QjackCtl 0. The patchbay really comes into its own when you use regexps in the rules. Example: In rosegarden one can name inputs and outputs but cannot define the output number yourself, which can come back to haunt you especially when you have multiple rosegarden files you want connecting in the same manner. A number of other applications have similar quirks. Just came across this functionality too as I am currently trying to fully grasp the Patchbay's functionality. I've also taken the liberty to convert the above article to a.

What about situations where a mono source is expected to connect to a stereo source? Is there a method to connect one output plug with more than one plugs in a single input socket? You can however duplicate the output socket (client), having the same mono output plug (port) and connect to two separated input sockets on same client but different input plugs (ports) each one for left and right. Ok, I connect one output port with two input ports and save patchbay.

Now when I am restarting jack, this patchbay is activated but only one input port is connected. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

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Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. In my Helix Rack video I mentioned having my Helix connections going through my patchbay.

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In this video I go a bit more in depth on what that means. Sign up here to get exclusive videos and content //producelikeapro. Com Warren discusses the importance of and shows how to use a patchbay at The Los Angeles Recording School (//www. In this video we cover the basics of using a patch bay in a recording situation and a mixing situation. Dan Dietrich (Andrew Bird,Neko Case) Head engineer at Wall to Wall Recording in Chicago. In this third episode of The PERFECT Home Studio? Series I talk about patchbays. Different types and how I use the ones I have for my synth setup.

Com A video tutorial on audio patch bays in the project and home recording studio. Patch Bays can be great ways to quickly connect studio recording gear together, and route signals in a home studio. Patch Bays often would confuse me because while there is a lot to understanding.

What is a Patchbay

Best Budget Recording Gear List by MixbusTV://www. Com/shop/mixbustv MixbusTV Gadgets://www. Com/gbstore/mixbustvstore LOUD MIXES://www. Building a studio desk form parts obtainable at IKEA plus: 'Do I need a patchbay? ' And some tips on wiring and getting the best out of your patchbay. Com The patchbay is the heart and command center of your studio, but understanding concepts behind the patchbay isn't always easy.

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In this video we talk about. Talking all about patch bays. I unbox and do a quick review of the Behringer Ultrapatch Pro PX-3000, then talk about different types of rack patch bays, and different configuration of socket.

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Adding a patchbay to your studio will not only make your life much easier, but will make common hardware connections a much faster process. In this video I will walk you through the patchbay. This video is a complete guide to audio patchbays. How the patchbay modes operate, how to configure a patchbay for optimum setup and workflow. Behringer PX-3000 Balanced Patchbay Behringer. Com/artist/0i08QySpjZlgQ5Ic2N4uvS First off thanks to Switchcraft for making an amazing product. SLC Audio and Switchcraft. Today we learn about How to use a patchbay and rack gear with a USB Audio interface.

In the demo I show a Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro with a patch bay and some rack gear.

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I hope you enjoy Leave. Patch bays are great ways to connect recording gear together quickly, but should you use one when connecting mic into preamps? Many do use a patch bay to connect microphones into a preamp. Zu wenige Inputs an der Soundkarte oder am Mischpult?

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Kein Platz hinter'm Rack? Wir stellen euch einen günstigen Helfer vor. Simple explaination of a basic patch bay set up to route audio to different places and fx etc.